Sonus Faber Electa Amator i or ii

Hi there.

any one have experience with those two speakers?

I know the EA 1 have a better twitter and ii better bass.

anyone had the chance to A/B between the two?

I got offers for both around the same price point.

the EA it is in better cosmetic condition , but it doesn’t really matter to me .

I have 75w tube amp


BTW I listen to various genres from classic to acoustic, some light rock, vocals etc

im not familiar with all the genres names.

room is 11.3x12 ft

I like to be able to hear a speaker before purchase, yet I know this is not always possible.  No dealers nearby?  Go to a show.  Be open minded.  There is probably too many to choose from,  but really, it's your choice.

I heard the EA 1 and going to hear the EA2.

but in different room and electronic so IMHO you can’t really tell which 1 is better. 
and not with my electronics which makes it even more not reliable test.