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PURON RESOLVE creates new options for better sound
I tried putting a box or 2 of stainless steel BB's on my amp. Moved them around because they did nothing in most places, until I put them directly over the back panel inputs.  Some improved clarity at the expense of sounding drier.  Oh well.  
Crackle and hiss on some albums
One thing not mentioned....Also inspect the stylus. Crap can collect on front, back and sides and will contaminate the sound horribly.    
Tip for blues lovers
@tomcy6,    Listened to Harry Manx last nite.  Very nice, relaxed.  That Indian instrument must be something like a sitar, sounds similar.  @ scp.  Don't have Tidal, that playlist looks awesome.  Internet radio tuner has AArdvark blues out of Hous... 
Tip for blues lovers
@tomcy6     I am up for Harry Manx, will try tonite.  
Why "bookshelf" sspeakers?
So lets call them standmount speakers instead.  Hardly anyone puts them on a bookshelf.  
Why do people like reel to reel players?
The first time I heard one, I knew it was something special.  More space between the notes etc. Yet expensive and impractical.  And very small selection of titles. So I passed on it.  
Sonus Faber Electa Amator i or ii
I like to be able to hear a speaker before purchase, yet I know this is not always possible.  No dealers nearby?  Go to a show.  Be open minded.  There is probably too many to choose from,  but really, it's your choice.  
Lifting the Christmas veil
 43 years together means a lot.  I doubt that many are listening to the same rig for that long.  Congrats, and enjoy your gift.  
Happy Holidays to All
I agree with y'all.  God bless us every one!  
Quality of Sirius XM
I had it in the car, I think they overcook a MP3 quality sound into a fake HI-REZ sound that sounded artificial.  
Rhythmic F12SE setup using line in
Placement of speakers and sub, not to mention chair placement, can have everything to do with clarifying  the low end, and everything else.  Maybe you have limited options to do this?  
Any normal size speakers that sound like Volti
I have some relatives that have to have their family room TV in an armoir, closed when company comes so it does not distract from the conversations.  I have an 85" TV in mine and my listening room 15' X19' is taken over to Maggie 3.7's, so guess h... 
Happy Holidays and Your Favorite Tips?
Positive thinking wins every time.  No negative posts wanted here. Save 'em for yelp.  Be happy with what you have.  God bless you.  
Do I Need a Dedicated Streamer?
@danby99.  You've got great gear.  Streaming from you computer is your weakest source.  You have invested $$ into your system, just spend some more to get the best results.    
I found the best way to recycle my old tubes!
What???? no snide comments?  I love it!  Happy Holidays to all.