Sonus Faber Extrema and CJ MF2500A

Would the CJ MF2500A (240 w) be able to adequately drive the Extrema's.

Thank you.
I don't see why not but it really depends on what the impedence curve looks like and how efficient the Extrema's are...Of course everyone has a different definition of what adequate means.......

I had an MF2500A driving a pair of Thiel 3.6's; a very difficult load, and was very pleased with the results... But you may feel different ........

As said by Czbbcl above, check the demands of the speakers to ensure that the cj is a good fit.

I will say this for what it's worth, the cj 2500A is the best of cj's SS amps that I have ever heard. Smooth and detailed like the 2300 but with much more impactful bass.

Good luck!
Not sure. The Extrema's are a difficult load. Love them, BTW! The old ARC D400 sounded wonderful on them. I think the D400 was around 240 - 300 w/ch, not that w/ch is really all relavent.