Sonus Faber Olympica III's - anyone using jumpers on them ????

A quick question for Sonus Faber Olympica III owner's ........I have had MY SF's about there months now with about 80 hours on them and they are starting to settle in now. I have my single wire speaker cable runs connecting to the lower terminals and using the supplied SF Jumpers. My question is  - has anybody added some '' real '' jumpers to these speakers ........and how did you hook them up ???? I have Cardas Clear Beyond single run speaker cables ....and the spades on these are very thick a concern is that I will not be able to add another thick spade to the same lower terminal .......I may also have to in the future go to a wider sized spade as I am currently bending the cable to enter the terminal from the side and not from the bottom of the terminal. Your thoughts and thank you in advance 
Not a SF owner, but can speak for a recent change to jumpers and their possible merits.

I own a pair of Opera floorstanders (they're at least Italian!)which have biwire connections that I utilized until I upgraded cables(non biwire)

While I actually never listened with the stock  jumper plates, I initially used copper foil, and the sound was great. I also experimented with both upper and lower posts, as many insist the UPPER may improve sonics. Couldn't hear a difference.

Purchased jumpers of equal quality to the cable and it did make a sonic improvement, along with connecting cables into top post.

I experienced this, and I'm a HUGE skeptic of audio voodoo-especially cable.

The best way IMO, is to buy a pair(banana plug in your case) and try. You can alway return them if you aren't satisfied.

Good luck.

Hey garebear. You have great taste in loudspeakers...8)

Get rid of those supplied jumper plates,they sound bad.. I would have Cardas make you a pair of Cardas Clear Beyond jumpers[or,as close as you can get to the Clear Beyonds] with ’banana ends all around’... or ’spade on one side and bananas on the other’.

Also,connecting the speaker cables to the lower terminals is the way to go. I tried connecting my cables to the upper post’s and thought the quality of sound suffered big time in that hook-up scheme. SF recommends bi wiring as opposed to jumpers... ymmv.

I have used Nordost reference jumpers to good effect on my Olympica III’s. They made a huge improvement and are highly recommended. Also,the more you play the III’s the better they sound. 80 hours is not nearly enough time on these superb loudspeakers. I have at least a 1000 hours on mine and the more I listen the more impressed I become. I love these speakers. For me they hit all the right parameters in what I was looking for in a speaker system.

If you want the ultimate way of hooking up the Sonus fabers... using a identical second run would be the way to go... in my opinion. I am using two runs of the new Klee loudspeaker cables and am one happy camper...they are a match made in heaven with my III’s...Good luck.