Sonus Faber Olympica III vs. Cremona M

Can anyone comment on the differences between the new SF model (Olympica III) and the model it replaced, the Cremona M? I believe I have the evolution stated correctly, if not, please correct me, thank you.
Interesting topic. Hopefully Sonus Faber can chime in.

I heard both in different rooms at different time. Olympica III paired with Mcintosh. Cremona M paired with Manley. I prefer the sound of Cremona M. It also could be the integration between amp and speakers that made it sound better.

I notice they have different types of tweeter and porting. Hope this helps.
I listened to both side by side with the same electronics for a few hours. I preferred The Cremona M.
I've heard both running off of a Mac MC452 w/ a Mac Pre, can't remember which pre. I auditioned it multiple times before I made my decision to go with the Ms. I just felt the Ms were warmner which was what I was looking for.
I own both and the IIIs are the champs in sound and finish.  I still like the M's though.   

I was about to pull the trigger on the Olympica III's this weekend but balked. Listened to the Wilson Sabrina connected to some Naim gear. The Sabrina's had really deep bass, but the highs seemed to bother me - nor really bright but too much of something. My plan is to haul my Cremona's to the shop and audition them against the III's and the Sabrina's.

The reason I balked at the III's was because the shop wouldn't connect them, they were have a Naim event and wouldn't move anything. I had hear the III's several other times but wanted one more go before making a decision.

No big deal. But the fun part was they had those monstrous Naim Statement monoblocks and preamp connected to a pair of Magico S7 loudspeakers. Glorious.

Spine tingling and ear crushing at the same time.

Picked up a used pair of the SF lll's about a year ago. Absolutely stunning build and finish quality.  I like to joke that my wife made me buy them because they look so good in the living room!  Sonically I think I may have just recently found a component that matches really well with them, a Pass  Labs X150.8 stereo amp. My room is probably a tad too big for them, I can get some decent SPL but I'll never blow the nails through the drywall, which frankly is much less important to me these days.  At first I thought the SF's might be just a tad bit polite for my tastes, but the more I listen, the more I like them.  The Pass amp has filled in some bottom end other amps couldn't elicit from the speakers.  The published specs read they go only down to 35hz but with the new amp the bass is plenty satisfying and very musical.  This is a very refined, very easy speaker to immerse oneself into.  And I never tire of just looking at them!