Sony DVP-NS9100ES and HDMI/DVI long

I just aquired a Sony DVP-NS9100ES and have a few questions regarding video ouput. In a nutshell, I have not been able to get the HDMI connection to work. Here's some background on what I'm working with.

I have a Sanyo PLV-Z2 LCD front projector with a native 720p resolution and a HDCP compliant DVI input. I have been using my Motorola Hi-Def cable box (with DVI output) straight to the projector's DVI input and have a great picture with no issues whatsoever. My previous player (DV-09) was hooked up to the other input on the projector via Component connections and looked great, even with the interlaced signal.

Now with the 9100, I have tried an HDMI to DVI adapter at the HDMI output of the player straight into the projector's DVI input. No picture. The only way I have been able to get video from the Sony to the projector is through Component or other analog connections.

I should note that I have not seen the HDMI indicator illuminate on the 9100 at any time. I've tried changing the HDMI output in the setup to Auto and to 1280x720p and still no picture. I've tried every combination of turning the projector on first and setting the input to DVI, turning the 9100 on first and then the projector, resetting everything to factory default on the projector and 9100, etc. No show via digital video connection. I've been doing custom home theater installs for years and have never run into this. I don't know about Sony, but all the other players I've installed will at least show the HDMI or DVI indicator in the display as active intermittently (outputting a signal) and will go on and off if the HDCP "handshake" is not seen every 3-4 seconds.

One interesting thing I do notice is that when I have the 9100 hooked up via digital and go into the projector's menu for selecting the input type (composite, S-Video, Component, or DVI) and select DVI, the next menu wants a resolution, and when I select Auto, it goes from blank to showing 720P in the menu, so I'm inclined to believe it is getting some sort of information from the 9100 via digital.

I've had several DVI equipped DVD players connected to this projector (all of which included HDCP), and they all played fine over digital connection, so I don't think it's a HDCP issue.

Here's the only things I can think of that might be going on.

1. The HDMI to DVI adapter is faulty (I will try a different one tonight)
2. There's an issue with using a dual link DVI cable (instead of single link) with a HDMI adapter
3. Incompatibility between the 9100ES (HDMI version 1.1) and the RGB (AV HDCP) DVI input on my projector.

I'm running out of ideas and would really appreaciate any help from owners of the 9100ES or the Sanyo PLV-Z2 who have tried to get a digital connection to work, or anyone else who's experienced a similar problem. I would rather not call Sony unless it's a last resort.

......On the plus side.....Audio from this unit is superb!
Hey there, I'm having the same type of problem with the new Arcam D-137......... these machines should have both the DVI and HDMI outputs as an option....... Not everyone has run out and bought displays with the HDMI input. They have copyright issues and we have to suffer. Good luck.
Seems the Sony and Yamaha's all have problems with HDMI going to DVI, I have the Sony DVP-NS3100ES and had Yamaha DVD-S2500 and could never get them to work. I think it has something to do with not sensing the audio part. I tried the Sony on my other HDMI Samsung TV and it worked there. But not on my Plasma TV that has only DVI.
In the end I broke down and bought the Pioneer DV-79AVi and it right away new I was using DVI and works with no problems. HDMI still really has no standard so it's a hit or miss. (don't waste money on cables or adapters it will not help).
Sony and Yamaha need to get it together in the mean time you'll have to go with component output.