Sony DVP-NS9100ES for SACD or CD Transport

About to retire my Sony 9100ES which I have only used for movies. I was wondering how good it is as a SACD player or as a CD transport , to be used in two channel music system. Thanks.
I would suggest getting it modded by Modwright - I had the same model and it sounded superb and for me one of the best sounding players under $5,000.
I used a DVP-NS9100ES and its predecessor, a DVP-S9000ES, for years before I bought an XA5400ES and Oppo BDP-93. Try it. I think you'll find it's a very good CD/SACD player even without expensive mods.

I use it as a transport paired with a Theta Gen Va DAC which works very well. I run that pairing alongside a Sony XA5400es and it holds its own against the newer unit.