Sophia 4?

Anyone know anything about the Sophia 4? I am assuming a soft dome like the other updated models. Based on the Sophia 3s for sale here I am assuming it is right around the corner. 

I was speaking casually to a dealer and he mentioned that the Sophia may be replaced by the Sabrina ($16k). I certainly cannot say if he is correct, but with the Sophia 3 price having gone up to over $20k and the price of the Sasha ($26900)having been lowered a bit from where Watt Puppy 8 ($28000) was, perhaps Sophia is a redundancy in the price-performance category that she lives in.

All this coming from an extremely happy and enthusiastic new owner of a pair of factory recertified Sophia 2's!  Though, if I was a customer with 20-25k to spend, and did not have any of the Wilson speakers mentioned, I would be looking at Sasha, not Sophia.  That said, I will not be letting my Sophia's go for a good long time...
Yes I thought this too. I have to say I like the Sophia 3 much better than the Sabrina. I think the bass is better and I put a high value on that. 
I believe there will be no Sophia 4's, there is the new Yvette which "replaces" this category based on Wilsons new development so.........that is going to be in the US$25k mark pretty much pushing the Sasha's well over the $30k