Sota sapphire platter won't spin

I have a Sota sapphire that the platter won't turn. It has the outbaord power supply and everything seems to be working. I can hear the vac pump, but have not yet got the platter to spin. Am I missing something? Thanks- RW
Does the platter spin manually, i.e. if you turn it by hand? If not, the SOTA's have a platter lock underneath the table, right in the center of the table below the platter center spindle. You need to loosen the two nuts on the bottom and then unscrew the set screws a few turns to drop the platter down off of the lock. Actually, I can't remember if you turn the set screws in or out, but you'll be able to tell. Make sure the belt is attached :-)
The platter does spin by hand. How can I access the belt safely? The platter seems tight that it does not want to lift off. This platter uses the vacuum... Should it lift off easily ? Thanks
You can't remove the platter on a SOTA turntable, unless you completely dismantle the table and take it apart. SOTA does that on purpose, it's not user serviceable. The belt is easy to check once you remove the motor cover.
Take off the motor cover - the small wood or plastic piece that has the buttons and knobs on it to the left of the platter - and check to see if the belt is on the motor spindle. If not, or if there is not belt, or if the motor doesn't turn when you hit the power, you've found your problem.

The platters are a beast to get on and off.
Thanks guys for the tip. I did remove the cover and the belt had dropped off into the lower casing. It was a bear to retrieve, but finally got it. The unit works well and sounds very nice. Much appreciated- RW
Dear friends: This is one of the " things " I love on this Agon forum: always there is some one ( like Grimace/Mofi in this case . ) ready to help and with the precise answer to our wide different questions, Good!!!

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