Accidentally dropped Benz cartridge on moving acrylic platter for my VPI Scout

When lowering the turnarm I guess I barely missed the lead in groove, and as such, my Benz Micro Wood SL cartridge fell onto the moving platter of my VPI Scout. After I noticed what happened, I rushed to remove it. I would say it was on the moving platter for about 5 seconds. What are the chances I could have caused any damage to the stylus? Upon visual inspection it looks fine, and my records aren't sounding any different. Is there any reason to be worried?
The groves in typical vinyl records are MUCH more brutal than the surface of a clean VPI acrylic platter. 

If the rig still plays a record sounds OK, all is good. 
No, you have completely destroyed your cartridge beyond repair. Send it to me ASAP I'll dispose of it properly.

Take a sigh of relief and enjoy the music.
I did the same thing with my Benz onto my VPI HW-19. I dropped the arm short of the platter, then overreacted and jerked the arm up so it bounced off the record.

Damage? Maybe the Benz cantilever is slightly off on the azimuth. I've used a Geodisc to measure things and, when I'm feeling saucy enough, I'll adjust the tonearm a bit to ever-so-slightly to adjust the azimuth.

But I can't be sure the azimuth wasn't off before the drop.

If the records sound the same, then steady on.

no chance.... like others have said....when playing a record, if you hear nothing untoward, you're good to go.
You can always inspect the stylus with a magnifying glass. If it's damage you will certainly know from visual inspection. However, if there was no degradation in sound, you are fine. I once dropped a Miyajima mono cartridge on my platter while mounting it on the tonearm.  It was toast. This of course is different from what you did.