SOTA Sapphire/RB300 armboard detail?

Does anybody have one of these armboards and can tell me the precise additional height to raise it for the RB300? Will probably continue to use a Denon 103 or 103R, so if that can be factored in so much the better....
I would like to fabricate my own acrylic lifter plate on the stock armboard that I already have.....
The main dimension from the top of the playing surface to the top of the armboard is approx. 27mm in distance for Rega tonearms. You can do the math with your existing hardware to achieve 27mm. This will get you close enough depending the cartridge you are using. Since you mention the Denon, you may want to reduce the distance to 25mm, or even less. I would do a mock before fabricating the finished product anyway.
I suggest you get a VTA base for your Rega on the Sota. It will be much more flexible, I think. I had an armboard made for my Systemdek IV (Not IIX) which has a board that's more than twice the size of the IIX. The VTA base I have is An Origin Live. It is far better than the Rega shims, etc. or by adding an additional top plate. It will be stiffer and all you need is an allen wrench and you make your adjustments. It's not on the fly but simple. If you have a Dennison protractor it comes with a clever piece to measure in mm (?) the height of the arm, etc. It makes it easy for you to use multiple cartridges, etc. It's an easy setup. I know this isn't exactly what you requested but I think these two devices will make life easier.
Thanks to both of you. Ponnie, do you happen to know the maximum amount of lift you can obtain with an OL VTA base? Reason I ask is I think the SOTA needs well more than 10 mm without going to look at it. Im guessing the custom board supplied by SOTA must be recessed underneath to accomodate the nut as there is very little thread left after shimming it.