Sound bar in a box . . . can't understand dialog.

We have a large credenza in our bedroom that houses the TV, video gear and sound bar (a modest Visio) facing the bed. It's become our favorite movie theater. Think a 4'x3'x8' box with doors on front. The "booming" caused by the interior reverb of the credenza box makes any dialog unintelligible.  Tried moving it out a bit when open (a pain) as well as adjusting out lower freq.s and boosting treble. No luck.  

Any suggestions on something more creative would be much appreciated!

ALERT! Wife is an interior designer so anything that does not fit inside box is not acceptable. 
Try a better sound bar.  You can always return it.  Buy direct from visio.  I love my zvox but it has huge rear ports and a sub that would just rumble in a cabinet.
Re: pillows...Damn, I like that! Will try the experiment.

Re: the wife thing...this is my second pass...don't think I'll try that experiment again.

Re: better soundbar.  Actually, I think this one is dying so may be in the cards.

Cheers, Dan
Soundbar is something I find really difficult to give recommendations for because every one is unique be it size, features, performance and of course price.

You don’t really need to spend $1k for soundbar... There are soundbars with sub for less than $200. But if you can, spend more. Lots of $$$ in soundbar goes into the form factor and home theatre features such that normal speakers can sound as good for half the price. I find myself needing around $1k to get acceptable sound from TV soundbars, and many brands don’t even manage to reproduce proper sound even at higher prices (Granted, these brands, which shall not be named, also do not manufacture either a) AVRs, b) HT speakers, c) literally any proper audio product of any form, hence me concluding that their target customers are the kum gongs)

Cheap soundbar:

At cheap prices really, soundbars don’t give much improvement over TV speakers (unless you’re using those new super slim LCD/LED TVs which have horribad speakers - maybe the cause of cheap soundbars rising?) except mainly for the fact that it has a subwoofer.
I'm surprise the Samsung HW-MS650 isn't on that list with the link.
I've yet to read a bad review on it and am considering getting one myself.

All the best,

Choosing the sound is not an easy to task as so many varieties are available offering different quality, features, and at different prices. A home theatre system has many considerations to look for. And without knowing about them you can’t figure out which to buy.

If you are a first time buyer, we suggest you to have a sound knowledge of the product. It is because then only you can figure out what requirements you want and are they matching the products you are choosing.

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