Sound Quality of Direct TV audio

I recently put a 1/3 octave spectrum analyzer on my Direct TV audio outputs and was shocked to find that they are brick wall filtering all low frequencies below about 150 Hz. Not a gentle roll off mind you, everything from 150 Hz down is gone.

I thought they were supposed to be delivery "high quality" audio. Anyone else discover this or am I getting something unusual?
I don't know but would not surprise me if most digital TV providers do something similar. Most people are not audiophiles who care about full range sound reproduction. Filtering out low bass could well make things sound better for many with lesser gear not capable of delivering high quality low bass and either do not care about low bass or do not know what they might be missing.

Low bass is what makes good quality sound production hard. Filtering it out makes things a lot easier and may well sound better than the alternative with a lot of commercial gear out there.
Dish and Direct TV share some satellites, so I would expect the same performance from either one.

That said, what kind of receiver do you have? Maybe its just not that good.
You mention you put the analyzer on the audio outputs of the DirecTV, which implies analog type outputs. That being the case, I wonder if the digital stream, either via HDMI, Toslink Optical or SP/DIF are carrying a full spectrum signal.

Any chance you could try the analyzer on the pre/processor outputs to see if the brick wall is there as well? In that event, we could rule in / out whether they're stripping the spectrum or just doing something with the analog output section of the DTV box.
"11-02-15: Philjolet
the current DirecTV does not use RCA outputs at all, only digital"

That's not true. It depends on what receiver you buy. Also, if there were no analog outputs, how was the OP able to take his measurements?
Our DirecTV HD DVR HR44-200 connects to an Oppo 105D via HDMI that in turn connects to a Bryston SP3 via HDMI. Program material often lights up subs crossed at 40 Hz mains and 80 Hz center and surrounds.

"11-03-15: Philjolet
Zd542 I presumed he had an older unit"

It doesn't matter. They still put analog outputs on current model receivers. I don't know if they do it with every one, but you can still get them.
OK. My DTV receiver/DVR is a "whole home" type recently replaced (due to the previous unit having hard drive issues). It does come with a full compliment of analog outputs (single ended) as well as composite video and HDMI. I am using a conventional two channel audio system for the audio, and did originally run RCAs to my preamp.

I put the 1/3 octave analyzer in the loop so I could EQ some of the news/voice programming (the analyzer is a Phonic i7600 that is also a 1/3 octave EQ).

Interesting what some are suggesting that only the analog is BW limited, and not the HDMI. Unfortunately, I have no way of analyzing the HDMI audio, as I use only the video portion at my Sony LEDTV.

I would wonder why the only the analog is limited because my suspicion is the signal from the sat is limited due to bandwidth considerations. I think this is recent, but cannot be sure when this started.
As a follow up to test the HDMI/digital theory, I fed a toslink optical output from the DTV receiver to my Bryston BDA-1 DA converter on another system. I also have a Phonic i7600 on the power amps of this system.

Guess what. Full range audio. So it must be in the analog outputs on this box.

Thanks very much guys, for helping me solve this mystery.
I use the Toslink digital output, using Wireworld Supernova 7 Glass Toslink cable, from my Wave Broadband TiVo cable box to my Musical Fidelity M1 DAC that connects, using balanced interconnects (XLR), to my Ayre AX-7e integrated amplifier. The music sounds very good.
I'd say its almost always a good idea to use digital outputs form most all commercial AV devices whenever possible in that these devices are for mass markets and most audiophiles would prefer results from their own carefully selected DACs, digital amps, etc.
I am such a dummy!

I forgot my Outlaw Audio receiver has a usb input but I ran a cable from my Genie unit to the receiver and no sound!

I checked all the obvious things...

any ideas to help me?

Curious how it would measure using high definition direct tv receiver and the HDTV service upgrade?
I had a similar problem with my Sony Blu-Ray player. Please review the Menu>Settings & Settings>Audio>"options" for your Genie unit. Look for something that says PCM output. If this does not work, please call Genie and ask them.
thanks Hgeifman I will look for the PCM

Dbphd the Outlaw unit does not support HDMI
I have an HD Directv receiver and run HDMI to an EVS moded Oppo 105, which i have do the processing. From there xlrs to Ayre equipment.

I cant measure anything but it sounds really good. Not as good though as the wav files i have on a solid state hard drive I have connected, via usb, to the Oppo.