sound quality: optical audio out from TV to AV preamp or HDMI audio extractor to preamp

My Mcintosh MX 135 doesn't have HDMI and I don't want to spend anymore to change or upgrade to another AV preamp.  I want to play audio (in addition to just the TV speakers) to my speakers from the following sources:  1) cable TV, 2) Apple TV, 3) blue ray player.  All 3 will be directly connected to the TV via HDMI.  The McIntosh AV preamp will output to a McIntosh MC402 to power 2 front speakers and also a MC206 to power a center and 2 rear speakers.  I also will be running to REL sub woofers.

Is there a big difference in sound quality between  1) running an audio optical out from the TV to the preamp to supply sound to may amp/speakers.  2) placing a HDMI audio extractor on the cable TV and Apple TV HDMI cables and running optical back to the AV preamp.  The Oppo blue ray player has a digital coax cable which would go back to the preamp.   
If I understand correctly, you don't have a cable box feeding the TV.  If that's true, I'd suggest you use the TV audio out to the MX135.  Using an extractor puts another connection set into the existing signal path.

In my case, I've got a TiVo cable box and can stream several inputs through it, so just run that TOSLINK directly to my MAC 3 pre/pro SAT input.  Have my BD unit into it via S/PDIF. Makes movies, TV and streaming audio from my cable company very easy to manage.

Hope this helps and happy listening!