Soundsmith cartridges

What are the differences between the SoundSmith Hyperion MKII - MR (10k) vs the Hyperion MKII (8k)? From SoundSmiths website can't tell.


I’m thinking if you reduce the voltage output significantly, so that fewer turns of wire are needed to generate the lower signal voltage (and also resulting in a lower internal R and inductance), then it might be possible to mate the Hyperion to a current driven phono, but as you reduce voltage out, you need to hope for a greater loss of internal R and inductance, so as to get a net increase in current output at audio frequencies. You did the right thing; just use conventional voltage drive.

I was underwhelmed at first by the Sussurro MkII ES. I played with the loading and found it helped a bit, but it never really came alive until I used an SUT. At that point it became a very neutral but detailed cartridge, not quite as dynamic as a Decca, not as rich and warm as a Benz, but worth hanging onto for when one of my mainstays goes for a re-tip.

@dogberry, which SUT if you don’t mind my asking? I’m using the same cart while SS is looking at my Benz LP-S. I have it loaded at 825 Ohms with my XP-17 and I’m enjoying it very much.

Not at all, @tonyptony , the VAS MC One MkI. The LP-S is still a better cartridge to my ear, but not by a long way.