Soundstage and explosive dynamics?

I’m looking high and low for speakers with the following attributes:

1. Wide and deep soundstage. Speakers can disappear from the soundstage.
2. Decent imaging.
3. Explosive dynamics with force and surprise.
4. Costs less than $10k.

I would agree that, for overall sound quality, it’s hard to beat Legacy Audio at various price points. At $10k, the Focus SE, with its ribbon tweeter and prodigious bass, gets you imaging, soundstage, and the ability to reproduce music on a large scale, as well as having fairly high sensitivity.
kosst  what horns have you heard? Horns can image just fine. A friend of mine has a pair of vitavox they will just blow your mind with the sound and imaging. 
 I have had numerous Tannoy's for high-frequency driver is a horn.  As well as 604, same deal. Those are two of the best imaging speakers out there.  
 I currently have a gigantic pair of Oris horn's and they pinpoint image with the best of them. 
 There's a lot of misconception about horns out there and I hate to see it perpetuated. Horns can and do sound amazing 
The horn misconceptions reek of inexperience. Comments like horn speakers don’t image well is proof enough. They can do the disappearing act as well as any other speaker. This is why the internet can be a dangerous place to look for audio advice.
Seems a good number of horn manufacturers offering massive horn systems for home use maybe those extremely ignorant of whats available haven't noticed any horns at shows or available for sale. 
Yes, the recording, that's where you start. You also need right source and amp/speakers unit to do it right. Horns are not for everyone, not for me - too big and expensive to consider.