Source For Styrofoam Packing Inserts

Hi Folks-

I'm looking for replacement styrofoam speaker packing for my PSB speakers (originals were tossed out due to roof leak). Tried the manufacturer but all they could send me was the boxes. Anyone have any suggestions on where to find OEM packing before I go to the trouble of making my own?


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Google -  No experience with these folks but maybe call Uline and ask them if they have what you need. There are other companies

There are a number of brands of expanding foam bags that will… well, create foam and conform around whatever you are packing. You would want large ones. Amazon has a number of them. I would search google to find the right size.

Probably a long shot but you could try contacting PSB dealers or the national distributor. Normally the packing is necessary until delivery, then most owners want to keep them.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions.

@facten I forgot all about Uline.

@ghdprentice I know exactly what expanding bags you are talking about too.

@tcotruvo Oddly enough, PSB could only provide the new boxes. They did not have any foam inserts to sell me. That still has me me scratching my head.

Another "custom-made" option might be the styrofoam "popcorn" packing used to protect fragile items during shipment.  It is extremely flexible as far as fitting into every nook and cranny, and is surprisingly strong once packed in tightly.  I have a bunch of it I'd love to recycle, but unfortunately, I'm up in Canada.