Source For Styrofoam Packing Inserts

Hi Folks-

I'm looking for replacement styrofoam speaker packing for my PSB speakers (originals were tossed out due to roof leak). Tried the manufacturer but all they could send me was the boxes. Anyone have any suggestions on where to find OEM packing before I go to the trouble of making my own?


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Another "custom-made" option might be the styrofoam "popcorn" packing used to protect fragile items during shipment.  It is extremely flexible as far as fitting into every nook and cranny, and is surprisingly strong once packed in tightly.  I have a bunch of it I'd love to recycle, but unfortunately, I'm up in Canada.

I’ve shipped heavy speakers around the world. No issues, thank goodness. 
I buy 2” styrofoam foam from H Depot and cut to fit. 
 Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing- but it works in many situations. 
Good luck. 

On contacting PSB dealers/distributor, I was thinking that they may have around some used inserts for a set of speakers that they sold. But it’s a long shot.

i strongly recommend against “popcorn”.  It is soft and with jostling in transit - think sitting in a bouncy truck for x hundred miles - it can compress and redistribute. At the end of the trip there may be little left between the speakers and the box at the critical bottom.

2” foam is probably the best solution.  You may also be able to get free packing materials from a local appliance dealer, but you need to be thoughtful in how you use them.

I’ve got the opposite problem; some scumbag broke into my storage unit and cut open all of my boxes from the side with a utility knife. Inserts are fine but the boxes are trash now.

@rfnoise That sucks! I hate thieves. PSB will sell you the boxes for around $76 a pair delivered to your door. I imagine other manufacturers will do the same too. I was really hoping for the OEM molds because they would solidly hold the speakers away from the cardboard sides a few inches. I'm probably going to get 2" or 3" blanks and mill them down with a drill press and band saw. I'm just getting lazy and hoping to buy a quick solution instead of putting any effort into it but them's the breaks. Good luck with your search