Source Loudspeaker Technologies speakers.....any owners out there??

I have owned, for the past year, a pair of Source Loudspeaker Technologies 7411 full range towers. They are made in CT and have been in the speaker business for 30 years.They use top of the line components are very sell constructed and to my ears, sound fantastic. Their speaker line is affordable and offer real value. However as a company they have a very low profile, don't participate in shows, don't do loans to reviewers, don't advertise and have a website right out of the 90's. I happened on my pair here on the GON. The previous owner, who was retired from the high end audio business, convinced me that these were awesome speakers so I bought them unheard. He was absolutely right. They almost never come on the used market for sale, which says to me that their owners love them and won't sell.

Anyways my question is are there any other Source Speakers owners out there? Any observations, comments on quality, appreciations of this little known but terrific speaker brand.
I bought my first speakers from John Sollecito in 1980 when he was with Clarke Systems. I bought JSE Model 1's after that. I now have a pair of 7211's and couldn't be happier. You call them up and John answers the phone and is happy to talk to you. You'll never get better customer service from anyone. The cabnets These speakers are the best kept secret in the audio world. 
I have a pair of 8.2 speakers with dual 8" woofers. I enjoy them in my ht setup and in my two channel setup. I bout mine used but they at great speakers.
I have a pair of trilines, a CC-825554 center channel, RC4A surrounds, 1.7SM II bookshelves, and have heard a bunch of other speakers and subwoofers from Source.  Terrific speakers.  Don't get me wrong, I try out as many speakers and brands as I can afford, but I always come back to Source because of their affordability, reliability, and quality.  

I agree, the models I have aren't likely to be leaving my care anytime soon.

Recently my wife & I moved to Maine. After settling in & getting my stereo system up & running I went online to see if there were any Hifi stores nearby. Much to my delight there was Longplayer Stereo only 20 minutes away. The owner Rich Favia is a great guy. While I was talking to him and walking around the store a pair of speakers playing music caught my attention. They were from Source Technologies which I had never heard of.The small floor standers had a soundstage with height & width that was surprising especially considering their size. After sitting down & listening to them for awhile I left impressed with the overall sound but I wasn't in love with the tweeter. I returned for a second listen & Rich suggested that the Source Tecnologies 7211 speakers had a better tweeter & overall sound so I ordered a pair. Right out of the box they sounded pretty damn good and with around 12 hours of break in which is well short of the 100 recommended they are beginning to sound great especially considering the price.

  My main speakers are a pair of Martin Logan Summits. I wanted to have the option of connecting another pair of speakers for a slightly different sound presentation. Unfortunately, the 7211 speakers are very fast and have a sound closer to an electrostat than a box speaker. I am so impressed with the sound of the Source Technology Speakers that I am going to return them in exchange for another pair that cost twice the price. My thinking is if a $2,500 speaker can give my reference Logans a run for their money what are their more expensive siblings capable of? I will say this, the 7211 speakers are a steal at their price point & if you have a chance to listen to them you will probably end up buying a pair. Very impressive!


Rich Favia is a great guy and my 7211 Reed Towers are possibly the best box speakers I've owned. At $2500, they are competing with some fine and much better known brands, but their build and sound quality edges them out in my opinion.
I came across a JSE 0.6 on Craigs List, and liked it a lot. Found out JSE was John Sollecito Enginerring, now heading up Source Technologies. Have a 7211 and like it. Well built. Source is not far from where JSE used to be, and while I've been to neither factory (though I'd like to), they are about a half hour from me. Another purchase of something audio made local. But I also have Dahlquist DQ-20 (Long Island) and McIntosh (upstate NY) and Harman-Kardon (also LI) so I do have several regional components
I purchased directly from John about 10 years ago for my home theater.  I have a set of 2268 Towers up front, CC-3 WC Center, RC-4's in the back and a 12" down firing sub all driven by a Marantz SR7011. I have a few friends that are audiophiles one in particular has a complete Definitive Tech setup with a Krell power amp.  He was blown away that I could spend a fraction of the price and have such an excellent sounding system.  His may be louder because of the sheer horsepower of the Krell but the Def Techs are definitely not crisper or clearer.  I remember the day I hooked them up and called him to come over.  He went home and cranked hi system just to make sure it was louder!  LOL