Spacedeck Owners: Have you experienced this?

Hi everyone:

I noticed that there was some oil on the plinth today, and since it's been about 6 months since I've done anything maintanence-wise with the table, I thought I'd refill it...When I put the deck back together, I noticed that the rubber belt wildly vibrates when the platter is spinning. (I've toyed around with motor placement, readjusting the belt a few times, etc.) I've never noticed this before. Have you seen this? If it isn't normal, how do you fix it?

Make sure that the belt grooves on the platter are perfectly aligned with those of the motor. You can raised the motor up or down by loosening the allen screw of the motor base.

Good luck,
Thanks Aisip.

While following your advice, I noticed that the motor groove--along which the belt hugs--was gunked up. I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol and q-tips, and presto, everything's better now. Nice and smooth.