Spam threads gone wild...

Hey moderators...There are exactly 20 spam threads right now. How about paying some attention to keeping these off the forums instead of censoring every harmless word that I say? 
Now it’s hit the rediculous tipping point ..... this AM there was 100 💯 crap posts.


FIX IT NOW via blocking them (’ve promised “to take steps” a long time ago since last year....but nada ....) or the exodus from the forum will surely start with the mocking of AGON on the other audio forums.

Spam started 9 hours ago and they are still posting as we speak. Is there no one at the helm?

I use to enjoy a few minutes on the forum every morning, but it has become more and more frustrating.

It has turn into Spamogon!!!

This doesn't fix the problem, but perhaps minimizes it.  Try changing your view.

I see all the SPAM posts listed at the top of the page.  Anything with 0 replies is under "New Discussions in the past 12 hours"

Any posts with replies are under "Forum contributions in the past 12 hours".  If you don't reply to the SPAM posts they won't end up there.  

Just scroll past all the SPAM and into the real discussions.
I just report every one I see as spam, the Agon team usually deal with them pretty swiftly.

It's a free site after all.......