Spatial Audio open baffle speakers, who has them? Worthwhile change from Maggies?

Of late have been eying the Spatial Audio line of open baffle speakers and like what I have seen and read so far.
Now I am extremely happy with my baby Maggies which have easily bested any and all box speakers in my room ( that I can afford anyways!).
So looking for opinions and views from actual owners of said open baffle speakers, what did you change from and what are the real strengths of the Spatials?
Not short of horsepower to feed them even though they do not need much juice by all accounts but you know the old saying, " too much is never enough!"
Thanks in advance.
Your X5s will sound drastically better with more hours. My X3s continued to noticeably break in well over the 300 hour mark. If you think they sound good now, just wait......


I have my Spatial TM's spiked into Aurio Ball Bearing Devices. Better imaging compared to spikes and the plastic feet they come with.
Had several pairs of Maggies. Due
to a down size I needed a speaker for a 12X13 room. Tried the .7s , did not cut it in the room ,with low tube  the power. I have Manley Stingray. Went with the Spatial M5's and love them. It took me two years to find something to replace the Maggies ; I had MG II 's  with high power in large room. The Spatials and Manley are a delightful combo.
Ozzy62, I only have about 40 - 50 hours so far.  I imagine they will improve as time goes on.
Ozzy62, also as your X3's broke in, what did you notice in the bass area?  The bass seems very natural sounding, not hyped at all as is.  Wondering if it develops a little more "push" as time goes on.  More like in a rock/kick drum context.........