SPDIF splitter

I have two SPDIF coaxial outputs ; one from my streamer and one from my CD transport.

Only one SPDIF coaxial input on dac.  The other DAC input is a toslink.

Does anyone know of a 2:1 SPDIF box / switch that I can use WITHOUT degrading the signal and sound quality?



I’m in the same situation; CD and streamer. Hopefully someone will have an answer.

I would call Sweetwater.  If anyone has what you are looking for it will be them

just look up spdif splitter on amazon--they have numerous choices from ten bucks on up--you can return it if it doesn't work well

You don’t want a splitter, you want a switch.  Or you want a coax to optical converter.  Whether either device will degrade the signal…that’s up to your ears to decide. The “everything matters” crowd will say it inevitably does. I would try the coax to optical converter.  There are many available.