Straightwire Virtuoso LS cable

I have the opportunity to purchase a 'Straightwire Virtuoso' LS cable. I am currently using a 'Straightwire Waveguide 8'

My system is posted. My current LS cable could just be a tad more 'delicate' or smoother in the upper frequencies it has a strong bass and I like this with the Waveguide.

Have you any feedback for me PLEASE, also I use 8' per side which is enough. The Virtuoso is much longer with 13' per cable. Will re-confectioning to make it shorter be a suggested way to go?

Nobody knows this one?
Low-End zip cord, out of production or so?

Sounds I just stick by my old "Waveguide 8" I guess.

Only nitrogen filled Hyper High-End may apply for considerations :-)?
I can't help you with Virtuoso but I love SW maestro II. It is a very underrated cable! I've said in previous posts it has the most satisfying high frequency response of any copper cable I have used in my system. It knocked Kimber 3035 out of my system at 25% of the cost.
Thanks Pops,
that is an interesting input, in view of so many LS cables with truly 'spaced out' prices -- i.e. rather questionable price / performance.