Speaker cable recommendations to drive woofers

I'd appreciate your input regarding speaker cables to drive my Soliloquy 5.3 i woofers.
Set up: a pair of Kavent hybrid monoblocks used for bi-amping, tweeters are driven with Analysis Plus Silver oval 6ft. As you know, the Sol's can go all the way down to 30Hz. I'd like to have taut, tight and the deepest possible bass with minimum distortion. Music I listen to: electro-acoustic jazz, organ, experimental electronic-all with significant low-end presence.
Thanks. Uhurit.
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In my speaker setup, Lascala lls. I have external crossovers. 16ga occ silver plated copper for the tweeters, 14ga occ silver plated copper for the mids & to my woofers, I just switched the 12ga occ silver plated copper wire to 12ga Furutech Fever Grade cable. Coming from my Amp to the networks are the 12ga Furutech Fever Grade speaker wire. All bare wire connections. I couldn’t believe how open this cable made in my setup. YMMV