Speaker Cables for Gallo Ref 3.1

I recently added some Manley Snappers to my reference system. They are in the place of some Wyred4Sound monoblocks. The addition of the tube amps have made my Acoustic Zen Satoris seem overall warm and a bit muddy so I'm looking for recommendations for replacements.

This weekend I auditioned the JPSLabs Superconductor +, the Alpha Core Goertz AG-2 Veracity, and the Nirvana S-L. The Superconductor+ was my favorite of the lot (the Veracity were 2nd but seemed just a hair bright, and the Nirvana's (which I wanted to like the most) just did not seem to beat the other 3 in any real way). The Superconductor+ seemed to have both detail and a bit of slam on the low end. They are, however, kind of a beast to deal with in my set up. The spades seem prone to popping off the terminals and they are very thick and stiff.

Any other recs of cables that are good with the Gallos and tubes?
Morrow Audio SP3

I was using all AZ cables when I bought my Gallos, Satori speaker wire and Silver ref II interconnects. After several amp and preamp combinations and not being able to get away from the same muddy sound you are referencing I bought a pair of Mapleshade golden helix and some Kimber Cable 8tc as well as making several pairs of DIY cables. None of them were the end all cables but they showed me my problem was synergy with my AZ cables and the Gallos, not necessarily the amps I had been trying.

I was using a Wyred4Sound ST1000/CarySLP98 when I switched to using Morrow Audio wire for everything but power cords. MA3 interconnects and SP3 speaker wire. In my system this wire leaves me wanting for nothing. The sounds is open, fast, detailed, and holographic with wonderful balance from top to bottom.

Current amp and pre: Clayton S40 50 watt SS Class A
Cary SLP98
I have a set of his older cable on my home theater system. maybe i'll pull them tomorrow and give them a run. thanks.
I second the Morrow Audios and use them bare-wire at the speaker end. Tried quite a few others before settling on the Morrows. Good luck, Dave.