Speaker Cables for Martin Logan Source? any ML?

Have you had any luck with any particular cables for Martin Logan Source speakers? (Or any other ML speakers?) I am running Audioquest Type 4s and think I can do better. I want to spend $150-$200 for a used pair of cables. My set up includes an Anthem A2 amp and Anthem TLP-1 preamp. My Sources are a Music Hall CD25 and Project Debut III turntable withBellari VP129 tube phono preamp. I use mostly Outlaw Audio interconnects.
I switched from the silver anniversary QED Bi wire (Silver) to the Tara Labs Prime 1000 Bi Wire. I actually love the copper sound. It just made them a little more laid back and slightly more relaxed. I even noticed the bottom end having more definition.

And thats my 2 cent.