Speaker connection to vintage gear???

I have a McIntosh mc-2205 amp that has the OLD style very small spade like screw connection for the speaker wires. I would like to put a higher quality cable in my system...does anyone know of an adapter for a better connection? What do owners of these older amps do for speaker connections? Any help will be appreciated.

I've been using the "output adaptor" by Prelude Audio Cables (not affiliated) with my vintage MC7270... works great. They seam to have been made for Mac's. Do a search on ebay.

Nordost can terminate their cables with small spades that fit older McIntosh amps. If you find a used pair they charge $25 for each termination.
I do it this way. Only costs about $25 instead of $149:


My cables are Purist Venustas and they have 5/8" spades -- no problem!