Speaker Decision Paralysis (for large volume loft space)


Due to technical issues, I'm posting under a new address. I have been a reader (and infrequent contributor) since 2005.  Folks on Audiogon helped me select my first pre amp, integrated, power amps, and (downselect) speakers on several occasions. I am grateful, even if I only upgrade - or try something different - with a fifth of the periodicity that others here do.

With that, I appeal to the board members' wisdom for some healthy pro/con of my downselected speaker options given the budget, room, and equipment mentioned below: maximum (shipped) budget is $3,400.

I live in a multistory loft with a wall of glass, 20'+ ceilings, and concrete floors. The rears of both floors are open, so while the theoretical volume of the combined dining/living space is roughly 20'w x 16'd x 21'h, the depth measurement of both is closer to 40'.

That said, I will use the speakers only for listening sessions at mid field on the first floor, and for ambience elsewhere. I listen to vocals, jazz, EDM, symphonic metal, show, classical (mostly Mozart, Bach, Haydn, and Holst), and Top40 (ha!).

Equipment is Parasound NewClassic 200 Pre + Parasound 2125v2 amp + Cambridge Audio SACD + streaming. I've only ever had monitors, from small to large, although I am not averse to floorstanders. I might be able to add some (mostly hidden) room treatments, but my place is decorated like a contemporary art museum, so the equipment and treatments cannot define the room, as much as they must become part of the décor. 

I auditioned for over two months, and downselected to the point of paralysis (with additional consternation from Crutchfield's current KEF sale):

- Totem Tribe Tower: colleague selling a white pair in my area for $3,150 (they depreciate rapidly); current 2nd choice

- Fyne 502: new, from NH salon (in white, lead time is 4 - 8 weeks); current 3rd choice ($2,500)

- KEF R3/LS50m: heard both with slightly limited auditioning and loved them; tied for 4th choice, although the R3s for the LS50's price at Crutchfield moves favor to the white R3. If the LS50m, would add two SVS 3000 Micro Subs; if R3, would start with one sub. (R3 @ $1,700 + $800*1 = $2,500 or Blue Metas w/ stands on Audiogon for $1,690 + $800*2 = $3,290)

- Tyler Lindbrook Signature Monitors: I know Ty, and have owned these in the past. He will build me another pair with the same stellar SEAS drivers. While no longer in the mode on Audiogon, I loved the pair we owned prior to 2010; currently 1st choice due to history. ($3,250)

After all of the listening, I arrived at those five choices after nixing models I couldn't audion. Additionally, as I'm a physicist by training, I spoke with Clayton at Spatial Audio about a Sapphire solution for my odd sonic situation; while a gentleman, he passed on working with me due to "the red flags" of my loft's design. I'm not asking for perfection, as I know the room precludes anything close. Really, though, the only downsides I could determine are:

1) The R3 needs stands (the blue Audiogon used Metas include them);

2) The stands for the Tylers are incredibly unattractive: huge back stands 15 years ago; same huge stands today, ugh; 

3) The LS50 Meta's distortion really kicks up below 100Hz (AudioScienceReview.com); and, 

4) Home auditioning is, unfortunately, out of the question - at least not easily (no for the two used pairs, no for the Fynes, and only maybe for the R3s).

None of those downsides, amid the current plan, can kick anything from the list. I realize that the LS50m might be the weakest competitor, but even they would probably outperform some of the mini monitors I've had over the years.

With apologies for the wordiness, your insights could prove invaluable! Thanks in advance.
LS50Ms can be ethereal - with a tremendous soundstage. In your situation, they could drown in the room without added bottom end.

The same probably goes for the R3, but to a more limited extent (that's a silky monitor with a meticulously crafted low end).

I used to own a pair of Linbrook Signatures, too: miss them every time I'm deep in a listening session with a scotch.

Wow, the loft sounds like an amazing space but may be tricky for sound. With the glass and concrete floor (you didn’t mention wall surfaces but I can imagine they are hard surfaces as well) I would think it’s a relatively lively or perhaps cool sounding space unless it’s filled with furnishings.

I’m not sure of your sound preferences but based on your description I would probably avoid speakers with a lot of treble energy like some of the KEF’s. I’ve heard them and I like KEF’s but maybe too much of a good thing in that spaces. The metas in particular may not offer enough full range sound to adequately fill the space. May sound thinner than they actually are, so yeah subs would be mandatory for those.

I used to own Tyler Linbrook Signatures, BTW Ty is a fantastic guy, and those were definitely on the warmer side to the point I found them slightly closed in sounding but still a great speaker. Based on your space Linbrooks may actually be a good choice. Best of luck and enjoy the loft.
I agree with arch2, great space ‘ challenging. I agree you want a warm natural sounding speaker. My initial thought (without your listing) would be totem. Monitors or floorstanders.