Speaker Efficiency

   I have been listening to my Decware 300b tube amp for a few months now. At 8 watts, I have them paired with Klipsch Forte IV at 99db efficiency, and this set up has been sounding great. This morning I connected a pair of Sonus Faber Electa Amator speakers, 6ohms at 88db of efficiency. They sound fantastic, with more weight  and depth. I understand there is a huge price difference in the two speakers, but aside from that, if I am getting 80db of volume at my chair, 8' away, what is the draw back of using lower efficiency speakers with SET amps, so long as the volume is sufficient? I did notice turn the Pre amp, the tube amp and the Roon volume towards the highest setting, it starts sounding terrible....



@marktheshark I think you already have one of the best speaker matches (Forte) for the Decware. As others have mentioned, thanks to the ambiguity of speaker sensitivity ratings (adjusted for impedence? echoic vs anechoic?) many speakers measure far below their rated spec, Klipsch Heritage lineup included. However that said, the Heritage speakers are still among the highest sensitivity speakers I’ve seen independently tested. The Forte IV reached 95.2, and the larger models hit 98+. The o/96 was measured by Stereophile at 91db. The 98db efficient AN-E Lexus Sigs? They measured 92.5. Still good, but the dropoff from the Forte will be noticeble with only 8 watts on tap, and if its my money I’d look at La Scala’s first. They smoke the Devore & Audio Note at that price point. The only one on your list that’s interesting to me is the Spatial and that is a different sound altogether. You’d need also need a higher powered push pull design or SS amp, along with the space to make dipoles work. Lots of changes you might not have anticipated.

I’d be careful matching fleawatt amps with Spatial speakers. I had the x3 with powered subs and 96 db. You would think, easy to drive? A Decware Torii II @ 30 wpc wasn’t up to the task.

Thank you @perkadin . As I sit listening to an Oscar Peterson LP, I agree the Forte's a great match for the 300b. The La Scala's would be wonderful in this room, but man the are beasts.

@ozzy62 that's interesting. I had a pair of Spatial M3's fed by a Parasound Halo amp. The clarity was amazing, even at deafening volumes. I don't play my systems that loud anymore. I sold the M3's and the amp to a buddy, and he has it set up in well treated room, sounds fantastic..... I miss those speakers.....

If I were to go in that direction, I would certainly talk to Clayton at Spatial.

Clayton is no longer at Spatial.

I have no idea why that amp didn’t work. On paper it was a great match and the Decware drove a pair of khorns like there was no tomorrow.