Speaker Efficiency

   I have been listening to my Decware 300b tube amp for a few months now. At 8 watts, I have them paired with Klipsch Forte IV at 99db efficiency, and this set up has been sounding great. This morning I connected a pair of Sonus Faber Electa Amator speakers, 6ohms at 88db of efficiency. They sound fantastic, with more weight  and depth. I understand there is a huge price difference in the two speakers, but aside from that, if I am getting 80db of volume at my chair, 8' away, what is the draw back of using lower efficiency speakers with SET amps, so long as the volume is sufficient? I did notice turn the Pre amp, the tube amp and the Roon volume towards the highest setting, it starts sounding terrible....



I’d be careful matching fleawatt amps with Spatial speakers. I had the x3 with powered subs and 96 db. You would think, easy to drive? A Decware Torii II @ 30 wpc wasn’t up to the task.

Thank you @perkadin . As I sit listening to an Oscar Peterson LP, I agree the Forte's a great match for the 300b. The La Scala's would be wonderful in this room, but man the are beasts.

@ozzy62 that's interesting. I had a pair of Spatial M3's fed by a Parasound Halo amp. The clarity was amazing, even at deafening volumes. I don't play my systems that loud anymore. I sold the M3's and the amp to a buddy, and he has it set up in well treated room, sounds fantastic..... I miss those speakers.....

If I were to go in that direction, I would certainly talk to Clayton at Spatial.

Clayton is no longer at Spatial.

I have no idea why that amp didn’t work. On paper it was a great match and the Decware drove a pair of khorns like there was no tomorrow.

@marktheshark I'm looking at the same crossroads for my office system.  I'm running a lower-powered Decware (rated at 6wpc) that sounds great with both sets of speakers I rotate through.  My bookshelf speakers are rated at 85dB, but sound fantastic and I usually listen at 65-70dB with the occasional listening in the 75-80dB (max) range when my wife isn't home.  I'm looking at experimenting with some more efficient bookshelf speakers, perhaps some Omega's, or moving to a 20-40 wpc tube amplifier.  I do have a subwoofer and this is a smaller space measuring only 12x11, plus I only sit about 8' from the speakers.  

So essentially I'm just wondering if there would be any improvement with a more powerful amplifier, or more efficient speakers, or both!