Speaker question for RMAF attendees

This year at RMAF in, I believe, the very first, or possibly 2nd at the top of the stairs on the Atrium Level there was a room with a pair of speakers I'm seriously interested in. An emergency page caused me to have to leave quickly and I never got back to the Marriott.

I "believe" the room was a european room but could be wrong. The speakers were bookshelf models in silver cases with a +/- 7" mid under ribbon tweets sitting atop ultra contemporary stands and filled the HUGE room easily (think Magico mini II's here!) with sound.

I've tried ever since using every resource available to me to find them but no luck. My hope is that someone here was perhaps as smitten as I was with them or at least sat up and took notice or perhaps picked up a brochure.

TIA for any possible leads!
I would agree that was the Nordost Room and those speakers were set widely apart. Yes they were amazing, and I do beleive these wehttp://www.raidho.dk/main.php?page=product&product=xmonitorre They were also very expensive