Speaker recommendation $1000 or less you've had in your home

I prefer floorstanding 70s or 80s vintage three or four way with a DETAILED yet warm sound. I am more concerned with high notes than low notes.

Energy rc-70 
best ever heard!
playing when listening!

  Warm tone,guitar is flawless!,

 best speaker ever heard!
not looking back!
JBL Studio 590’s when purchased on sale for.about $1k or so per pair are a good performance value, in my humble opinion.

Hello All need your feedback  am kinda new to all this.  Just got my integra 5.4 9ch Avr and now must decide on klh kendalls one for left, one for right and one 1⃣ for center channel. Thats plan A. Now plan B is buy used JSE model 2 or model 4 am curious to hear all your valued opinions!!! Thanx AL in reno...