Speaker recommendation $1000 or less you've had in your home

I prefer floorstanding 70s or 80s vintage three or four way with a DETAILED yet warm sound. I am more concerned with high notes than low notes.

@bobspets1 - The speakers I've used for the last 3 years are Infinity RS1.5, built around 1980. They are a large bookshelf/monitor style speaker on short stands. They have the famous Infinity EMIT tweeters, so highs are extended and smooth. They also have the even more famous Watkins dual voice-coil woofers and have excellent bass extension and articulation. I love these speakers. I paid $264 for them 3 years ago, but I typically see them for a hundred or two more than that today.
I prefer floorstanding 70s or 80s vintage three or four way
Why?  Do they sound better with your 8-tracks and cassettes?  I’ve got a pair of Pioneer HPM100s if you’re interested. 

Are you considering used?

I owned a pair of JSE Infinite Slopes (two unique patents). Used them for years, they were terrific, my son has them now. I had Model 2, my friend had smaller, shorter version, also sounded terrific.

some used ones for sale


If you can stretch your budget, these have had upgrades. perhaps make an offer for less. local pickup only, in CT. they would be expensive to ship.


I thought it might be useful to let you know some speakers I have listened to in the past and liked though I did not listen to all of them in a home.


DCM I currently own timeframe 350
+++ on the DCMs.  I lucked out and scored a pair @ $200 all in.  They need some room.  They were good enough for Bryston to use them in demos at shows back in the early 90s.
I do like my DCMs and don't want to replace them, but looking to go one step or perhaps several steps beyond if that exists
Boston Acoustic A series either 200 or 400. Or better yet try and find a pair of the flowing from ADS: L1090/1290/1230/980. I prefer the L980’s.
PSB Stratus Silver i’s were wonderful. Loved every minute. Find a good used pair for &4-500 and smell the sweetness and feel the thunder! Just a superior floor stander at almost no $
Thiel 2 2, fantastic.Slightly warm, extremely satisfying clean, clear, lively sound.  Great imaging, good resolution but not hyper detailed.  Had I bought these as my first really good speakers that might've been the end.  
the infinite slope are a very good option but I prefer the KEF 104.2 or even better a pair of Alon speakers  V MKIIs, etc.  Dynamic, very open, fast, slam, beautiful mid range tone, nice bass.  Very 3D sounding also.

Happy Listening.
Electrovoice interface b or c would be good choices as well as jbl lancer 99 also cerwin vega 12 t towers if you can find them another choice would be ess amt-1a these are all spectacular at the price
Several speakers come to mind: Dahlquist DQ-20's or 30's, Vandersteen 2CE's, PSB Stratus Silvers or the silver i's, KEF C80's & B&W's 802 Series 80 speakers. I still have the KEF's & 802's both of which have really nicely veneered cabinets.  

The KEF's retailed in the 1980s for $1000 and were the C (Classic) series top of the line. They've very smooth yet very detailed mids & highs, and incredible bass using KEF's flat, racetrack-shaped B139 woofer, and very sophisticated constant 4 ohm impedance crossovers that are a very easy amplifier load that makes it possible to drive them with a boom box. Good amps make them sing & give them taught, powerful bass.

The earliest B&W's unlike all the metal domed 802's that followed, had smooth sounding textile tweeters, kevlar mids, and dual acoustic suspension 6" or 8" woofers and are very musical. The 802's are a difficult load and need really good, powerful amps. I drive them and my Magnepan LRS's with an old Classe CAP-151 integrated amp. These old 802 Series 80's often sell for between $900 to $1200 whereas new 802D's sell for +/- $20,000. It would be hard to go wrong with any of the above speakers.
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Tekton Mini Lore. Onsale now for $600.00, midsize floorstanders.
Maybe the last speaker you ever buy...
Best I’ve had is cerwin vega D-9 speakers. Bass, midrange guitar , treble. 

     Talk about power.  Best rock,speakers ever. Had. 
 Power, bass, guitar, , treble, tone, etc etc.  

 they friggin ruled, 1812 overture, woofer came out a good 3/4 inch. Amazing.

  Best,rock,speakers ever made. 
Energy rc-70 
best ever heard!
playing when listening!

  Warm tone,guitar is flawless!,

 best speaker ever heard!
not looking back!
JBL Studio 590’s when purchased on sale for.about $1k or so per pair are a good performance value, in my humble opinion.

Hello All need your feedback  am kinda new to all this.  Just got my integra 5.4 9ch Avr and now must decide on klh kendalls one for left, one for right and one 1⃣ for center channel. Thats plan A. Now plan B is buy used JSE model 2 or model 4 am curious to hear all your valued opinions!!! Thanx AL in reno...

Old Cerwin Vegas if you are a rocker. If not prob not so much. 

A few weeks ago I got some B&W Matrix 801 v.2 for well under a grand. One woofer had a jacked up spider and got that fixed for 70 bucks and am at $825 after that. IMO they are outstanding and not just outstanding for vintage. They are more dynamic and detailed than my Pioneer (Tad) S-1ex and are not fatiguing in the least. I’m driving with a Musical Fidelity A1008 and pushes them great.