Speaker recommendations for Simaudio Moon 700i V2

Looking for speakers for a Simaudio Moon 700i integrated amp.
What speakers have people liked with this amp?
I know there are a lot of factors -  room, what you listen to etc; but was interested if anyone has this amp and what speakers they matched with it. The retailer I purchased it from loves Dynaudio with Moon.
My listening room is 5m x 5.8m (29sqm)/16ft x 19ft - so not huge. 
Currently have Image 414’s (NZ made version).

TOTEM and SIMAUDIO are both in Montreal and they are respectively used to voice each other’s products 

TOTEM even had its own AMBER integrated amp that was a joint venture product built by TOTEM in conjunction with SIMAUDIO, based on the SIMAUDIO amp platform and modded / tweaked to TOTEM’s specs.
Fun to see the Totem Amber Integrated amp mentioned. I got one about a year ago. Hopefully we’ll pair it with some Totem speakers down the road. 
I’ve had several Focal Speakers that I’ve used with a Simaudio 700i. Currently I’m using the Sopra #2 with my 700i. It’s about as perfect a match for Focal as you can get without going broke. Yes, the 700i is fairly expensive but it’s so smooth and built like a tank. It barely gets above warm driving my Sopras at realistic listening levels. It’s got loads of current to drive the Sopra speakers..down to less than 4 ohms. 
Thanks for the feedback.
I had Focal (Kanta 2) and Totem (Element Metal) on the shortlist. 
Just upgraded to Sopra 2s considering replacing my Bryston b135 cube integrated to the 700i 


I’ve used the 700i with my Sopra No2 for the last few years. Previously I had B&W and Focal 1028be2 speakers. In my opinion the 700i sounds the best with the Focal sound. It’s a great amp and sounds great on the Sopra series. I use Balanced Discovery Essence Cables into the amp, and Discovery Essential Speaker cables. With decent affordable power cords from Synergistic Research the combination sounds really nice. 
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I went for the Focal Kanta 2, with the 700i amp. To me it sounds amazing. The dealer who brought the demo speakers over,  and who sells mainly Naim gear, said the Moon had fantastic detail.
The Kanatas worked the best in my room (compared to the Totems), just sounded better and were at a good discount.
I did consider the Sopra’s but didn’t want to stretch the budget right now.

I’ve never heard the Kanta speakers. If you like to experiment with cables (I don’t) let me know what matches the Focal + 700i sound. I’ve had these Discovery Cables for years and never tried anything else. I’m using modestly priced SR Python Power Cables.