Speaker Specs Reform

Long time member, 1st post so I'm just throwing this one out there. Why don't speaker manufacturers represent their speaker diameters, mostly and specifically woofers for their radiating diameter. Measurements are typically made by the outside diameter of the frame where it attaches to the front baffle. I'm seeing more and more in new speaker designs, wider bezels and thicker surrounds largely reducing the radiating area. It's probably not as important in older and larger diameter woofers say 12" diameter or greater, but in the newer "modern design" speakers, especially towers with multiple, smaller diameter woofers, it means a lot. Most 7" woofers have less than 5" diameter of radiating area. Comparing that to a single 12" woofer with lets say 10" of radiating area, it would take 4 - 7 inchers to move the same mass of air as the single 12, about 78 square inches. But hey, them 3 or 4 woofers look awesome lol
Bryston doing this with their speakers with great results I heard the Mini T and the bass is astonishing massive and deep without beeing overhang, I too don’t understand why new speaker designs don’t implement this maybe because it’s a cheaper way to make speakers or because multiple drivers looks more 'sexy' as you mentioned...
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