Speaker suggestion for Jadis Orchestra Reference

I just bought a used Jadis Orchestra Reference and looking for some good recommendation on speaker for less than $2,500. My room is about 12.8m2 (137ft2) I have listened to the new Dynaudio 25th Anniversary Edition and like it very much but it is too expensive. I listen to Jazz, such as David Sanborn and Diana Krall.
I own a JOR and am quite happy with it. I have used it to drive 2 speaker systems with varied results. It does not work well with my Martin Logan SL3's (predictable). It is abolutely magical with my Harmon Kardon Sixtys (~92db sensistivity ? Ohms impedance) with many of my audiophile friends and neighbors bestowing "best I've heard " accolades. I would suggest a dynamic speaker with >92 db sensitivity and a friendly load. Let the amp do the rest as it is superb. Happy Listening
I recommend a pair of B&W Signature 805 or B&W N805.
I like ProAc too, but if you have the budget, go for B&W. Happy Listening.
The Carolina Audio JTM's would be a fantastic match and at $1750 are by far the best that I have heard. I have a huge Jazz collection... To hear Dianna Krall "Live in Paris" on these is something to behold. Fantastic transparency with the most earily real acoustic bass that I have heard with no bloat or muddiness whatsoever.

I have used my pair with tubes ranging from 9-30 watts in rooms over twice as large as yours and they are great. The combination of the Jordan JX92s driver in a tapered transmission line is something to hear... www.carolinaaudio.com there are some good reviews ..including mine over at www.audioasylum.com