Speaker switch box for bi-wired speakers

I've seen the many discussions on speaker switch boxes, but none address bi-wired speakers. I made a pair of open baffle speakers (each speaker has 1 full range driver and a woofer). These speakers sound best bi-wired. The dilemma is I have 2 separate systems; vinyl and digital. My TT runs to a soundstage then vintage Tandberg receiver. The digital system is computer based with DAC, Primare preamp and power amp.The Tandberg receiver and Primare power amp have their own set of speaker cables.  Right now I'm switching out speaker cables if I want to change listening formats. Is there a speaker switch box that would allow A+B speaker options for the bi-wiring and the ability to switch between the Tandberg or Primare? And of course I don't want any sound quality degradation. Otherwise I guess I'll just have to keep going thru the pain of switching cables on each driver.


Sound quality degradation comes with all switch boxes… no extra charge. Unfortunately, no way out of it. I have tried a couple as high a quality as I could find simple to re-prove it.

+1 ghd - All switches and connectors will negatively affect sound. My recommendation is two separate systems. Switching cables will also degrade sound over time, just from physical wear.

If a separate system is not an option, then a switch is better than cable swapping. Best wishes.

I don’t listen to vinyl often enough to make it a whole separate system. So I’ll switch cables on those rare nostalgic analog days and after I’ve gotten my fill, I’ll switch back to digital where 95% of my listening is done. I know I wouldn’t enjoy my music if the sound quality was degraded so the switch box is out. Besides, there's always the option of headphones...