speakers for Naim CD5i + 5i amp

I've heard Neat speakers do well with Naim, who has
experience with this Naim combo and wich speakers are suitable, I prefer rock above classic.
I have had plenty of experience with the naim/neat combo. I n my opinion it was the worst sound that I have ever heard in my 30 plus years of owning equipment. Now let me explain, i owned a pair of neat mystiques and used it with the naim 5 and even the upper end naim gear, 202/200 and acdx2, it was soooooo bright and not fun at all, now when I switched back to a pair of Linn ninkas the sound was much better, i tried the neats with other gear including tubes...still bright. I know in England its a combo that they tout on the Naim boards as great, hey maybe it is but not to me. I would try a warmish speaker with your naim combo, I have used B&W book shelfs with very fine results, also Linn Katans might be a good choice, keep it simple and you will probably end eup with quite a nifty system.
you may also try any speakers from Royd, a samller British manufacture. John Ackroyd voiced the speakers using Naim components and many Naim users swear by Royds. I have a pair of Edens from 1990 in my bedroom that I think are fine speakers. They are more forward than the typical British (Rogers) sound. Very detailed, with subtle and tight bass. If you like rock you should try the small floor standing Royd Minstrals, which are in production.
I've used Neat Petite 3s and Neat Elites with an assortment of Naim electronics. Neat speakers and Naim are a fabulous match especially for someone who likes rock music. Neat's ribbon tweeter is fast and revealing but certainly not bright. The little Petite doesn't go much below 65 Hz or so depending on placement so you won't get chest - punching kick drum fundamentals, but aside from that there's little to criticize. The bigger Neats go deeper but require more horsepower than the 5i has. All of the Neats I've heard have in common an engaging and lively sound. You'll want to get some first class stands to go under the speakers if you go for one of the smaller models.

My advice would be to find a Neat dealer and listen for yourself - don't let one anonymous opinion on the Internet sway you.
Im using a pair of Elite SEs with my Nait5i and CDX2 and think its a wonderful combo.Like you, rock is my preference.
Depending on the size of your room, I think the 5i will have no trouble handling the Elites. I have mine in a pretty lage room and I like it LOUD but I do admit to turnng the volume down at times when I feel Im pushing the Naits limits.

I've had a few friends over to hear my system. here are some photos and their thoughts.
I would try auditioning a pair of Spendor S5es. They're awesome. I initially had a CD3/Nait 2 with them and now have a Nait 5i/CDX.
I have a pair of Quad 989s that have given me much pleasure. I use BAT tube amps and Pass Labs Aleph mono amps. The one thing I would like more of in my system is the legendary PRaT that Naim (and perhaps Linn) are famous for. Can anyone suggest a "PRaT-y" amp one of these companies that would be up to the big Quad?