Speakers for Second System

I am assembling a simple system for my second home's medium sized living room.  Source will be the Rose 150b streamer DAC and power amp will be a Pass XA25.  In looking at the used market, I have identified three choices for small and narrow floorstanding speakers around my $3500 budget:  The Dynaudio Contour 30, the Eggleston Works Emma Evo and the Fyne Audio 502SP.  I am interested in what speakers of those three you think may have synergy with the chosen equipment.  I listen at medium levels to a broad array of music, but the common thread is  acoustic instruments.  If you wish to suggest another model, please keep in mind that the speaker needs to have a small footprint and be nicely finished; no standmounts please due to stability issues.  Thanks in advance for your responses.


I think the pass may run out of gas real quick with the Dynaudio. I had the Contour 20 with a more powerful Lyngdorf 2170 and it was very borderline on power. More would have been much better. 

I use Fyne speakers in my second system and am very satisfied. I can't comment on your other two choices.

Best of luck in your search.