Speakers for Second System

I am assembling a simple system for my second home's medium sized living room.  Source will be the Rose 150b streamer DAC and power amp will be a Pass XA25.  In looking at the used market, I have identified three choices for small and narrow floorstanding speakers around my $3500 budget:  The Dynaudio Contour 30, the Eggleston Works Emma Evo and the Fyne Audio 502SP.  I am interested in what speakers of those three you think may have synergy with the chosen equipment.  I listen at medium levels to a broad array of music, but the common thread is  acoustic instruments.  If you wish to suggest another model, please keep in mind that the speaker needs to have a small footprint and be nicely finished; no standmounts please due to stability issues.  Thanks in advance for your responses.


Dynaudio speakers always have character to them, and not always the same one across the brand. I think the 30s will probably be an excellent match to a Pass amp. The extra punch of the Dynaudios will compensate for the Pass sounding a little lean to my ears. A great low-mid level volume listening combo.

Along the same axis, Dali is even more contoured. 

You should add Spendor to your list. I have owned many Spendors and the A2 or A4 would be a nice choice!!


given the amp's 25wpc 8 ohms/50 wpc 4 ohms

I would look to efficient speakers as a priority, only the Fyne fits that category.

So, what efficient speaker can you find to consider against the Fyne?

Fyne had a down firing port, I'm not a fan of ports, given your preference for acoustic, I would find something efficient, no ports, low enough for very nice double bass and cello.

Keep in mind, bass is directional, not just the fundamentals, but the overtones, 

Yogiboy:  I agree with you on Spendors but I have not found any reasonably priced used pairs of say the A7.  

Soix:  You ask a good question.  I have a perfectionist system at home with Magico q3's.  What I want for my second home is something that sounds reasonably good that is easy to use and does not take up a lot of real estate.  I do not want to have the same standards as at home. I do like clear sound that others may call threadbare.  Probably the thing I would want to avoid most is tubby low bass.   

Elliott:  You have hit on why I have chosen the Fynes for consideration.  Plus, I have liked coincident tweet/mid speakers in the past because  I have owned Thiels, KEFs and TADs.  

My friend built a pair of open baffle speakers using 15" woofer and coincident mid/tweeter. They work in his space. I've been there 3 times, each time, different content, they sound terrific.

He's driving them with my 1956 Fisher 80az 30 wpc tube amps. Loaned them to him to see if that was enough tube power for them, answer: YES!. Now he knows what size tube amp he needs to buy, i.e. not over-buy, not under-power.

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Definitely check out LSA speakers from Underwood HiFi. He sells direct, and unlike PS Audio, he passes the saving on to the customer. AND, they have received really good reviews. I have their previous open baffle speakers and love them


I have had a number of speakers in my 2nd system (living room). My favorites were between the TAD ME-1 and my current Janszen Valentina. My however, my wife fell in love with the Omn-directional sound of a relatively inexpensive pair of Decware radial ERRx speakers. The Omni effect works well in my oddly shaped living room but they just weren’t refined enough for me. If I were looking right now I would probably jump on that Salk deal by @hilde45.

Avoid the new dynaudios. After dynaudio has been changed owners in 2016 the quality has gone. I owned the contour 60 for two years which i paid 4000 Euro and i have not been able to get rid of them for 3000 one yar later. I had to sell them for 2500 Euro. They sounded awful, really awful.My tiny genelecs have been sounding more lively and natural. But if you go for the old contour 3.3 which you find for about 2000 Euro you will get a better sound as any other new speaker in in 10K range. In any case and under any circumstance do not buy new, buy used. You need times times the money to get them same sound quality in a new product. Technology may evolved but the people who puts this wonderful technology together do not have the hearing of those who was doing the same job 15-20 years ago. Even more if you care about timbre precision. Good luck.

I have a second system. For that I chose speakers that are just pleasing: Totem. I found that being a complete fanatic about my main system and headphone system that as a secondary system I could get something that sounds great… fun and musical. I love my Totems… I use a Prima Luna integrated amp. Just a real joy… and absolutely beautiful. They have a number of small footprint floorstanders. I think your amp likely a very nice romantic match.

I have a second system. For that I chose speakers that are just pleasing: Totem. I found that being a complete fanatic about my main system and headphone system that as a secondary system I could get something that sounds great… fun and musical.

i have taken a similar approach in a second home system...

spendor sp1 with rel subs, driven by sony ta1-1es, audio gd dac, streaming tidal

If I wasn't selling my Salks I'd keep them for a second system. They worked really well with my tube amps and Pass Lab XA25. For some reason, a previous post mentioning this got removed and I'm trying to determine why. I was about to post and ad on A'gon, too.

I think the pass may run out of gas real quick with the Dynaudio. I had the Contour 20 with a more powerful Lyngdorf 2170 and it was very borderline on power. More would have been much better. 

I use Fyne speakers in my second system and am very satisfied. I can't comment on your other two choices.

Best of luck in your search.