Speakers for Sonic Frontiers Power 2 Amp?

I just purchased a Power 2 amp that should arrive any day now. I'm looking to replace older but decent sounding Mirage M7si speakers. I have a modded Jolida JD-100 tube cd player, and a TAD 150 Signature tube preamp. I'm considering some Usher speakers and contacted Stan at Usher Audio. He stated the 6311s need damping factor > 100 but the Power 2 is rated for damping factor > 50. This relates to bass control I guess. Can anyone having experience with this amp and share their opinion with speakers used. I'm looking for full range speakers (used around $1000 > $1200) that the Power 2 can run properly. Thank you. Paul
I wouldn't be as concerned about the damping factor of the amp as I would the tonal balance of the speaker it's driving, although bass control is NOT one of this amp's strengths. The Power 2 has two sonic deficiencies, a neutral but borderline lean midrange. And a tipped up midbass response. When I sold this amp, both of those qualities completely vanished from the speakers being driven at the time. So don't pair it with speakers that tend to be lean or bright. And don't buy speakers that need as much control of the lower frequencies.

Bottom line is that this is a powerful tube amp, but with shortcomings that don't make it an automatic slam dunk over comparable SS amps. You have been warned, but good luck.

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Hi, Just took a look at whats available on the gon right now, Considering what Shakey said I would look for some vandersteens 2ce and there are a few for sale used here. Also a couple of speakers caught my eye that look to be decent deals one is a pair of Silverline Panatella III's and the other is a pair of NHT 3.3's. Both of these pairs are going for more than 70% off of when they were new. I've heard both pairs and have listened to the vandersteen's as well but not with your amp, so do some research and read lots of reviews by owners and pro reviewers and look for ones that sound like they might be a good fit. If you pay a reasonable price used and they don't work out you can resell and not lose too much if anything. Good Luck, and have FUN with this!
I agree with Shakeydeal to a degree. I have owned both Power 2 & 3 in the past and were able to drive just about any speakers with excellent bass response. they won't produce the deepest bass, but certainly satisfactory. about the tipped up midbass, at least in my system, I never heard that. but what it does have is leaner midrange than what people are used to for a tube amp and you need to match the speakers accordingly. changing the driver tubes are important too.
Semi, what tubes do you recommend? It does have Winged C KT-88s but the stock 6922 tubes. Also, someone local to me has a pair of Von schweikart VR2 speakers for decent price. I thought these might go well. What's your take?
The VR2s are decent speakers and will probably sound pretty good with the SF amp. They aren't overly bright or detailed. More so than Vandersteens, but not like Thiels. If you can get them ~1300.00 or so, it's probably worth it.