Speakers for string Quartets

Hi, I know already this is not a great question to ask, but…I’m looking for speakers that will only be used for string quartets.  Looking for something that will give me some of he sound of the body of the violin, not just strings. Looking for transparency with great tone, but don’t care too much about bass.
I have a large room, but never listen above 80db

current amps are Pass xa25, first watt F8, Aric Audio Single ended kt88, PS Audio m700.

just looking to really hear the violins, cellos. 
hHopefully the narrow range of music can reduce the list of prospects.




I wish i owned them... Great choice!

Even if i am in heaven with my Mission Cyrus 781 vintage  and low costs... The cello bass is good in my room...

But the Quad will be a complete different animal to work the room for, i  will love them....


Quad 57 Electrostatics.


Before I gave up listening to speakers and going on to headphones I used to Have ATC SCM 40 speakers and they were ideal for string quartets. I truly love chamber music with Quartets being my bread and butter and The ATC's being absolutely brilliant being a very accurate speaker and able to handle any amp put to them.  

I’d suggest British BBC-heritage speakers such as Harbeth, Spendor, Stirling, and Graham. These often are reviewed by Robert E Greene (a violinist) in TAS.

Another choice would be electrostatics. The low distortion is, I believe, good for string music. I find my Janszens quite good for string quartets.

An additional investment might be an equalizer, such as the Schiit Loki Max. The variance in tonal balance among SQ recordings can be extreme. An EQ will let you make more of them pleasant to listen to.

I have two friends who are professional classical musicians, playing in orchestras (one being the Philadelphia Orchestra), and both have Vandersteens, and love them.

I also have an older series 2 Vandersteen. They have beautiful tonality fitting for violin and piano. My top priority in speakers choice is 1. violin, 2. piano, so this recommendation might be useful for you.