Speakers that are good with tubes

I have see several recommendations against tube amps powering certain speakers. But which speakers are known to really like time amps, especially high powered tube amps?

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DeVore O96’s are superb with low power tube amps. I would recommend them to anyone enthusiastically’

I ran a pair of PSB Stratus Gold i's with my Conrad Johnson LP260M-SE amps.  It sounded great.  The LP260's use 8 KT120's per amp.  I was then able to upgrade to Conrad Johnson ART300 amps and Egglestonworks Viginti speakers.  The ART300's use 4 kt150's per amp.   I am pretty sure this is my forever set-up, or at least until my kids are done with college.

I have seen a couple of people knock high powered tube amps.  That may be their experience.  My experience is that I have had great results with both CJ tube amps and both the PSB's and the Egglestonworks.

Happy New Year.  Enjoy the music.


jond this just is not true thre are a ton of great high powered tube amplifiers


zesto arc cj vtl and manly all make great high powered tube amplifiers


the zesto monoblocks are amazing sounding powerful tube amplifiers


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Open baffle speakers are generally very efficient, mate well with tubes (especially 300B's IMO), and kill everything else at equivalent prices.

I've got the GR Research NX-Otica open baffles mated with a 9 watt per channel Elekit integrated amp and, IMO, it outperforms friends' systems that cost 3 to 5 Porsche 911's.