Speakers that mate well with Jeff Rowland electronics

Does anyone know what Jeff is using at the factory to voice his equipment? Or any combinations that you have great sucess with Jeff's equipment
I've heard the Avalon Acoustic Eidolon speakers with Rowland electronics, and that combination sounded very good. The reproduction was very natural, detailed, cast a beautiful soundstage, and was quite dynamic.
Dunlavy has recommended Jeff Rowland with their speakers, and was using some Rowland gear at the last CES to drive their smaller speakers.
i purchased my audio physic virgos last year based on a magical listening experience i had in a hotel room (!) at the last stereophile show in L.A. my brother and i sat down in this very small hotel room on a couple of standard spartan looking chairs with the speakers no more than three or four feet away. they were mated with rowland electronics (i think it was his integrated amp) and i don't know the cd player that was used. the sound was incredible...smooth, lifelike, tonally just right, etc., etc. i never forgot it and as noted i bought the speakers as soon as i could afford to. don't have the scratch to step up to Rowland gear as yet but believe me, it also is burned deeply in my audio memory banks.

best of luck and enjoy the search.

I owned Jeff Rowland Model 7's power amps with a Consumate pre amp for many years. The best match I found was Duntech. I am currently using Kharma Ceramique 1's with the wiring upgrade. These would be a great match with the new generation Jeff Rowland Amps & the Senergy IIi. I lost all my Jeff Rowland electronics to a Lightning Strike. I am currently waiting for the Kora Amps, pre amp, & DAC.
The Singapore Rowland distributor has photos of the factory listening room using Talon Khorus as reference