Speakers that sound like Marshall speakers

Hello all,Been out of the loop for a few years. Just enjoying the convenience of streaming music from my phone to a Marshall Stanmore bluetooth speaker. So here's my question....are their any 2 channel speakers that have a similar house sound to the Stanmore. This bluetooth speaker just does not offend! Not harsh,punchy tuneful bass and very well balanced. Limited bass depth but is tuneful and doesn't cause room interactions.
Strange question I know but wondering If anyone has the Stanmore and is familiar with it's sonics who can recommend a similar sounding speaker that I can hook into my modest main rig?
First you can not get the true Marshall experience without TUBES!!!
 Have a look sometime at Peter Framptons set up,HUGE stacks of Marshall driven by Mesa Boogie & Orange amps last I checked...
 Best Marshall sound I've had in my home was EL34 tubes driving Dynaudio speakers...
I think no other Bluetooth speaker compares to the Marshall. If you're just tired of Stanmore, what don't you get more portable speakers like Marshall Stanmore or Marshall Kilburn? You can take them anywhere and still have that amazing kind of sound, you're talking about. I own the Stanmore and now I did get the Kilburn. It's amazing for me and hope it helps for you man!
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