Speakers to audition at AXPONA 2015

Hello All,

My new medium sized room (15 X 18 X 8) is now complete and I have moved my system into this room. The sound in this room seem so very "open". I have never had this size room before, all dedicated to audio. I feel I need bigger speakers to fill the room - especially in the bass area.

I would be going to the AXPONA 2015 in Chicago next week and would like to visit as many roomas as I can - especially the ones that are demoing loudspeakers. But here is what I am looking for:

1. Price range of $5-$7K
2. Sensitivity of at least 89db at 8 ohms
3. Floor stander
4. Full range (though may not cover the last octave), but should not need a subwoofer to complement bass
5. Musicality over hyper-detailed

Can you folks please suggest some speakers that meet these criterias?

I will most likely go with a Oppo BDP-105D as a CDP upgrade. Also will retain the TVC, as it is so transparent and a great match to my amplifier.

Absolutely Ebm.
That was my actual plan. I wanted to surprise folks here. Get that speaker and a flea powered (less than 3 watts) tube amp that runs on battery, and get totally off the grid. But dang, you had to mention it :-)
Take a look at Nola if you get a chance; I just moved from Soundlab M2's to Nola KO's and really love how they perform.
I believe I recall Dale Harder will be showing his Walsh driver based speaker line there. That would be my primary destination.