Speakers to audition at AXPONA 2015

Hello All,

My new medium sized room (15 X 18 X 8) is now complete and I have moved my system into this room. The sound in this room seem so very "open". I have never had this size room before, all dedicated to audio. I feel I need bigger speakers to fill the room - especially in the bass area.

I would be going to the AXPONA 2015 in Chicago next week and would like to visit as many roomas as I can - especially the ones that are demoing loudspeakers. But here is what I am looking for:

1. Price range of $5-$7K
2. Sensitivity of at least 89db at 8 ohms
3. Floor stander
4. Full range (though may not cover the last octave), but should not need a subwoofer to complement bass
5. Musicality over hyper-detailed

Can you folks please suggest some speakers that meet these criterias?

I will most likely go with a Oppo BDP-105D as a CDP upgrade. Also will retain the TVC, as it is so transparent and a great match to my amplifier.

Mapman, AudioKinesis will be in our room, 554. Duke LeJeune is on the road up here as I type this, and Jim Romeyn will arrive on Thursday. We'll be showing the Zephrin 46 speakers with the new optional beryllium dome compression drivers. See you there!

Brian Walsh
Milpai maybe the Nola contender falls in your price range; I see they get great reviews but I have never been able to listen to them.
The Zephrin looks very interesting and available at a very competitive price point it would seem.

I know AK is big on factoring in the reverberant field which makes sense to me. I guess these are designed to go closer to walls than might be possible otherwise?

The general approach reminds me somewhat of the old OHM I, which was OHMs first attempt at a successor to the original Walsh design. The floor level drivers firing upward is a different twist that would seem to have some geometrical advantages.

Which I was going to this show. Definitely some unique items to sample there this year.
Maybe we all should write out "monikers" on a small label and stick it on our shirts. We interact with a lot of folks on these forums and would like to meet up with some, so that we can put a face to the moniker :-)