Speakers to replace Monitor Audio Studio 20SEs

I am looking to replace my ageing but much loved Monitor Audio Studio 20SE speakers which I have had for 12 years. System is a Trichord modified Esoteric P700 transport feeding a Musical Fidelity Triviata 21 DAC into a Krell KRC HR pre & FPB300c power amp combo. Hydra 8 feeds front end components & a Hydra 2 the FPB300c. Cables are VH F4 power & VH Pulsar & Eichmann Express 6 I.C.s & Express 6 speaker cables. I really am quite happy with the sound & only want a change as it is becoming apparent that in terms of resolution, the Monito Audios are a bit long in the tooth when compared to modern speakers.
I am considering Von Schweikert VR4 JR; Tyler Linbrook Signature monitors; JM Lab Electra 926; or a pair of second hand Wilson Watt & Puppy 5s, which I can get used for around $5,500 here where I live.
I am looking for my replacement speakers to retain all the Studio 20Se's strengths of neutral to slightly mellow presentation with lots of air. I also need speakers with excellent soundstaging and the ability to disappear & play reasonably loud. This but with better resolution.

Any advise you can give will be much aprpeciated.
Guess the lack of response here is due to unfamiliarity of your Monitor Audio Studio 20SE's. They were great speakers indeed and the reviewers of What-Hifi UK had been using them as their long-time reference since their first introduction. You have been using them for a decade? Maybe my memory serves me wrong as I thought they came out somewhere in 1998. I presume yours was the earlier version.

Sorry I can't be of any help. Just dropping in to know of an owner of a rare British speakers.
Hello Ryder.

Thanks for your post. Re the Monitor Audios, mine were in fact the later 'SE' versions and I bought them in 1994 soon after this SE version was introduced. I think the original Studio 20 (non SE version) came out as long ago as 1990. At my age, time really flies! At the time, they were rated a high class B by Sterophile and did receive in general some very good reviews all round. The only one I can trace on line is at - http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volume_2_4/v2n4v.html

To any of the others who may not have responded due to unfamiliarity with my speakers, do feel free to comment on my short list vs. my listed preference or indeed simply recommend speakers that you like. Any advise will be much appreciated.

Thanks again.
Try rare, very hard to find but worth every effort, French Atelier de Synergie Acoustique (ASA) Pro Monitors, circa $6500USD MSRP from distributor. Very limited availability. These are the best I've heard (for me anyway), I'm 53 & have been doing this since I was a kid. Nuetral & transparent, detailed, great imagining/stage, & the most fatigue-free I've heard. Familiarity w/ the driver technology may lead to the false conclusion you can predict the sound; avoid this tendency & listen to them preferably on top notch gear in a decent room.
I've been using a pair of MA Studio 20s since 1992, they are marvelous speakers. My suggestion would be to keep the speakers and change your amplifiers. Try some high end tube designs. Alternatively you could try to find a pair of Studio 50s or 60s.
Have you checked the torque on the screws surrounding the driver over the years?
Every two or three years I tighten them down. It was more of an issue the first few years, but not much lately.
I would be glad to know what the end of your search is.
I have got the SE20 too and frankly speaking the only speakers that beat them, but not by a large margin, cost at least 10K and up.