Speakers with the most detailed midrange? (non-ESL/planar)

Anyone care to give their opinion on what dynamic speaker has the most detailed/revealing midrange? Not including electrostatics or planar speakers. Approximately between the frequencies of 400Hz to 3kHz. Also, just to clarify what I mean by detail: when there is a musical passage that entails many different layers of instruments, the speakers' ability to separate all the elements so all the instruments are heard clearly and nothing is obscured. Also the ability to retrieve every last bit of information on a recording, such as random sounds in the studio, distortion in recordings and reverb tails.

As far as price goes... 2 categories... below $12,000 USD (new) and any price range. Thanks.

Vivid audio is a good bet if you want that experience of super clarity and detail in the mids/highs.
I sell various products. Vandersteen is one of them. I just came from the factory. Richard makes most of the drivers himself. It's pretty amazing.
Since Harbeth has been mentioned several times here I'll chime back in on the whole "midrange detail" thing....Harbeth, to my ear, is a good example of a speaker that is very balanced and gets the midrange correct. Though it is not the last word in midrange DETAIL, I could easily live with any Harbeth model for the rest of time and be quite happy. (I owned Compact 7's for many years and have heard every model in the lineup at various stages of development).
dodgealum- Fist off, I appreciate your response. 
I agree that everyone hears differently, there are different room characteristics, different ideas of what great sound is etc. Ultimately there are many variables and even the environment in which a recording was made influences the final output at the end users set up. Based on this premise, I believe that we all have to figure out what works for ourselves. For me I need something extremely revealing that will allow me to analyze musical passages. I am willing to give up some fluidness to achieve this goal. So for me speakers are a tool. I get that you are looking for something else and totally respect your goal. I think it would be great if we all respect one another's needs, viewpoints and uses and accept that we have different paths that may not evolve in the same manner. I have a friend that has a pair of Martin Logans, they sound beautiful, yet they are not speakers I'd personally want to own but I can still enjoy his system. 

Regarding Harbeth, I've heard great things about them but never actually heard them. It would be great to check them out.

"Woof--I would prefer not to name specific brands/models out of respect for the unique listening preferences of different folks who frequent this site. Everyone hears differently, has different room characteristics to work with, and different ideas about what constitutes great sound. My post was merely to point out that certain trade offs might come into play with designs that prioritize detail through the midrange. In my experience, a speaker that is balanced overall and gets the midrange "correct" will tend to satisfy over the long haul. One that emphasizes certain frequency bands in pursuit of "more detail" may impress initially ("WOW, I could hear the air pass between her teeth") but over time maybe not so much."